Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON

Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON

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25 thoughts on “Testing Cheap V.S. Expensive Wrenches On AMAZON

  1. I've learned over the years that high quality doesn't always equal high cost. One of the variables is knowing how to use tools correctly and appropriately. In it's heyday Craftsman tools were top notch and in a huge variety and priced well below Snap on. Any one with experience should be able to tell the difference between high priced professional tools, realistically priced quality tools and cheap Chinese junk.

  2. i cant even begin to tell you how many times i put an adjustable over top a bolt and used another adjustable on the first one to break the bolt free. lmfaooo

  3. The Caution to buying high-end, quality tools
    Keep your eye on the quality tools & do not lend them out. Good tools are thief magnets._
    So get you money's worth and lock up your tools. Then you will have a great high-quality tool for a long time.

    EDIT: Happy Presidents Day!

  4. Right I'm american. Does he realise that english made tools are better. Like I said I am american so I do not have a bias towards England but still they are better than us in every way

  5. By the time the Cresent Co "invented" this it had been in use for 75 years in Europe.
    Mass produced since 1892.


  6. And there I was thinking that Swedish company Bahco invented the 'crescent wrench' in 1891 yet Crecent didn't exist until 1907. It would seem that all tools not from the USA are poor quality. Do Snap-On have their brand made in China now?

  7. Such tests are absolutely stupid. Why stress test ANYTHING in a way it is not used? Nobody uses 2ft of leverage on a 8" shifter. No tool is made for specs outside of credible usage. Anything will break beyond strong use. You have not learned or proven anything valuable … unless "American is best" gives you sperm in your pants.

  8. You remember me to my dad, a very wise hard worker man with lots of knowledge and abilities, every word you said have a real life backup. That part of feeling a high quality tool against a low quality tool its something that my dad really feels too. Greetings from México

  9. Slaves made it. That's why those three wrenches was $4.00. Remember the Republicans slave trade bills NAFTA, CAFTA and PNTR China?!?!?
    I know Bill Clinton. Billy Bob would not have signed those bills if a Republican controlled House and Senate hadn't sent those bills to him. Congress controls trade, not the POTUS?
    Republicans revived the U.S. slave trade. American greed!

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