The Adidas Curse Is Real!

This video details the Adidas Curse. The Adidas curse causes athletes sponsored by Adidas to suffer career altering or ending, injuries. For example Derrick …


28 thoughts on “The Adidas Curse Is Real!

  1. Adidas could sue you for this video. You know that right? Anyways my friend tore his meniscus in nike football cleats. Also at 2:25 you showed reggie bush and i had a pair of reggie bush superfly 2… they were mids not lows to so they were supportive. And the were the most comfortable clets ive ever had.

  2. I think the reason of adidas shoes causing a lot of injuries is because they don’t have a lot ankle support as it alway way to low from the ankle which makes it easier for you to twist your ankle and such

  3. Probably why Adidas doesn't use knee protection on some adult shoes now and only use them for like style shoes like the Spiderman theme

  4. The curse is real last week I got injured playing in D Rose 7. Got a torn Patella and 6 torn ligaments in the knee. And a acl. The also took out one big muscle from the from of my leg a stich it up and and drilled into my knee to re attach it. I'm in the worst pain in my life. I crazy thing is I just got the Harden Vol 2 I'm returning them to get a pair of LeBron 15. He's never been hurt. 💀🙏

  5. adidas back in the day doesn't have that great of shoe technology and thus a lotta adidas sponsorers like tmac had chronic knee issues, but now i think adidas is taking a step in the right direction with their lightweight boost

  6. The adidas curse doesn’t exist in soccer. every adidas sponsored soccer player I can think of hasn’t really had Career threatening injures.

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