The Amazing Race 29 – Best of Team Fun

Excited to see Team Fun Stoppable on a future season of the amazing race! #teamfun #funstoppable #funmeter

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20 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29 – Best of Team Fun

  1. I just came across this, thank you for putting this together I'm honored to have a best of video with so many amazing moments that get lost in the speed of the show.

  2. It pisses me OFF!! Nice guys always finish last. Even though Floyd was exhausted on his 2nd return trip of carrying those shrimp baskets, he still was kind enough to help London balance her bike when she was about to fall. She would have NEVER gotten that bike back up had it fell. Do think she came back to help Floyd?? HELL NO!! Smdh!
    Floyd and Becka are the Real winners.
    You guys have hearts of GOLD!

  3. When Floyd is finished painting the mask in Venice and the woman says it is "bellisima" and Floyd says "i-is that good?", might be the most adorable moment I've ever seen

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