The Amazing Race 29 Intro

The intro to the 29th Season of the Amazing Race.

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16 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29 Intro

  1. Liz and Michael (Michael especially) helped Brooks team to win……Remember when brook had problems making those pasta spoons, she was helped by michael. I guess if michael had minded his own business he would have won. I really liked brooke though even though she got on my nerves sometimes but I kinda liked her.

  2. The fact that Becca and Floyd nor Matt and Redmond made it to the finale but London and Logan did makes no sense. LoLo floated the whole race, got second or third to last so many times (9 times), and then there are teams like Matt and Redmond who never got worse than 4th in any leg

  3. Does anybody else get the sense they really didn't give a shit about this years intro?

    Producers: "Lets just get everyone to a park and film everyones shot in front of a tree" lmao

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