The Amazing Race 30 Intro

The intro to the 30th Season of the Amazing Race.

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26 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 30 Intro

  1. Me: Oh, let’s see how they changed the intro for The Amazing Race.

    Cedric & Shawn: (In front of a big screen) dab

    Me: (turns off phone)

  2. Cody and Jessica were the team I was rooting for this entire season. And It's unbelievable that they won I'm so proud of them. The team I was rooting for the whole season won the 30th Amazing Race. Also, Cody and Jessica hold the distinction of being the first Big Brother Team to win The Amazing Race. So proud of them both for making that accomplishment.

  3. i dont know how to said it, but this opening on 30th season is terrible when the teams contestants shows up , looks like not naturally from the background

  4. Why are people not talking about indycar? They made the final 4 but everyone still only cares about Yale, Xtreme and Big Brother. I hope Indycar wins because they deserve it

  5. There have been only 3 all-female Amazing Race winners, I think Kristi & Jen have a really good shot of becoming the 4th.

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