The Amazing Race Asia 4 Team Philippines!

The official Team Philippines in The Amazing Race 4 Asia! The Riches — Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera, and the party girls from Australia but based in the Philippines — Lani Pillinger and Jacinta “Jessie” James.


28 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Asia 4 Team Philippines!

  1. @metanoia86 Good job on the 'Two Riches' for this Amazing Race Season 4… And also to Jess and Lani! Job well done for the two teams…

  2. guys (if anyone else shows up) liaquat is a troll. I'm gonna stop feeding him cause this what he wants so whatever……….. I advise everyone else to do the same

  3. @liaquat345 i like how this troll resorts to cussing and "gay" comments in order to "prove a point". tough guy for something behind a keyboard ………
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  4. @cassidyjaeson liaquat is probably a su and dimple homer who loss a lot of money when they lost or something. Seriously…… "Richard and Richard dumbest team ever" ??????? that comment just shows what kind of a troll this person is. the have nots always have to hate on the haves

  5. they guarantee that they will win the race!!..hihi..2 days to go..TARA4 finale!!..michelle was there because she love philippines..aussie girls and her are good friends=))

  6. i dont think the richards won…why? because in the 2nd season of amazing race asia where marc and rovilson starred…the axn hinted the winner by making an advertisement where the team who actually won (adrian and collin) was the stars of the major sponsor in the race which was sony. As far as i know, one of the major sponsor of the show was the axiata and the father and daughter starred in that commercial. They probably won the race. I hope im wrong.

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