The Amazing Race Asia 5 – Ep 1 to 9 Recap

Catch up on all the thrills from Episode 1 to 9 of season 5 before tuning in for the MEGA SEASON FINALE on December 15, Thursday at 9pm (8pm JKT/BKK), on AXN!

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19 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Asia 5 – Ep 1 to 9 Recap

  1. Actually this season was "The Amazing Race ASEAN". 😅

    Season 6 please. Season 5 is three years ago. When will season 6?

  2. I have been watched all the episodes on TV at the time. I love this season. Treasuri and Louisa you were the true champion in this season, but yeah i feel bad for you girls. It's not your lucky.

    We want "The Amazing Race Asia" Season 6, please!

  3. The performance of Treasuri and Louisa reminds me of Marc and Rovilson of season 2. Hope that there will be an all star season

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