Chase and London sit down with the winner of The Amazing Race Season 29, Scott Flanary, to discuss behind the scenes of the final episode!

Thank you for tuning into our recaps this season! It’s been so much fun for us making these each week. Leave a comment below with any suggestions for future videos you would like to see from us. We hope to continue making more content for y’all! xoxox

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  1. It was absolutely DISGUSTING that CBS and The Amazing Race would allow such a nasty, whiny, cunt like BROOKE even be on the show. I am so disappointed in everyone involved.

    I prayed every episode that she would be the first contestant to die while competing on the show.

    She is a HORRIBLE person. "Shocking" that she's a lawyer. I'll wager that she was a spoiled rotten only child who never has worked a job in her entire life.

    I can only hope that the money leads to her early death somehow — the slowest and most painful way possible.

  2. They should make a challenge based on the elimination order of each team tbh, and what leg they were eliminated on (Like, how usually, the 9th leg is a non-elimination, then you'd have to put X and Y were eliminated on leg 10, not leg 9). That would be an interesting ending.

  3. I deleted my comment by mistake I asked about a q&a and asked what questions I had so I'm redoing it. 1. If you and chase would have done the race together would you have gotten along? 2. If Logan was already chosen you would you have pick? 3. Favorite memory together? 4. If you get the chance would you 2 ever do the race together 5. How did you get started making things out of yarn?

  4. Okay off topic but I was walking around Venice CA and I found one of Londons crochet pieces. I even stopped my friends so I could take a picture of it.

  5. Since the finale I've seen a lot of hate directed at Brooke for how "useless" and "undeserving" she was, and people saying they were "happy for Scott" because the victory was all due to him. All of these people are wrong. If Scott deserved to win, then so did Brooke. All her whining and crying obscured just how effective a racer she really was. She was like the Little Engine That Could, except she kept chanting, "I think I can't, I think I can't," and then she'd go and do it and usually do it very well (with one glaring exception). I'm going to prove this by comparing her record to Scott's on something many of her detractors probably think she sucked at: Roadblocks (Rb singular, Rbs plural).

    (If I sound overly harsh to Scott here, I'm compensating for how overly harsh Brooke's detractors are being to her. I'll say here that Scott was far from useless, and was a good racer. By saying that I'm already nicer, fairer, and more accurate to Scott than Brooke's detractors are being to her.)

    Leg 2 (1st Rb): Rb: window washing (Scott)
    6th team to arrive.
    Scott finished 5th.

    Although it helped that the racer he got ahead of, Shamir, made Brooke look cool, calm, collected, and uncomplaining in comparison.

    Leg 3: Rb: marketplace (Brooke)6th team to arrive.
    Brooke finished 7th

    It should be noted they arrived at the same time as 2 other teams who decided to make a 3 person Rb alliance, so technically, Brooke & Scott arrived tied for 4th and finished tied for 5th. Of the 4 people that finished ahead of this alliance, 3 of them were already there and enjoyed a head start (one of them, Joey, even made a mistake and still finished ahead of them). Matt was the only one of the 4 who arrived after them and finished ahead of them, making him the only person ahead of them who was ahead because he was definitely, objectively better than the alliance.

    Leg 4: Rb: ladle (Brooke)
    7th team to arrive.
    Brooke finished 7th.

    They already started in next-to-last place. It's likely they would've finished there even if Brooke had been better at ladle making. They avoided elimination by having an enormous head start against Sara & Shamir. And they owe that head start entirely to Brooke.

    Earlier that same leg, Brooke was the only other person besides Michael to figure out, by herself, with no help from anyone, the trick of the hidden drawer in the locks Detour. When she and Scott found a key, but had trouble finding a matching lock, she made the wise decision to look for another key and found it. Without her, there's just no way the Boys and Team Fun would've finished the locks Detour as quickly as they did. She gave all 3 teams a great head start. While I'm sure she didn't plan it this way, she could afford to be so terrible at the ladle Rb because she was so terrific at the locks Detour.

    Leg 5: Rb: climbing pallets (Scott)
    4th team to arrive.
    Scott finished 5th.

    Leg 6: Rb: trolley (Scott)

    Basically, Scott made an ass of himself here. He spent the whole time throwing shade, winking and mugging at the camera at how "clever" and "devious" he was being…and he made the same dumb mistake as everyone else in the trolley he was in (a mistake the 2 people in the first trolley avoided).

    Leg 7: Rb: masks (Brooke)
    6th and last team to arrive.
    Brooke finished 4th.

    While Liz was doing badly at this rb, London wasn't. So Brooke got ahead simply by being faster and better at the rb than 2 people, one of whom wasn't making any noticeable mistakes.

    This was actually the second time this leg that they started a task in last place, only get ahead of another team. According to Team Fun, they got the song at the gondola right with the fewest tries because Brooke has an excellent singing voice.

    Leg 8: Rb: Changing of the guard (Brooke)
    3rd team to arrive.
    Brooke finished 2nd.

    Leg 9: Rb: bungee jumping (Scott)

    Placement was mostly irrelevant here. As long as Scott didn't chicken out and give up, he was guaranteed to finish the rb in the same place he started.

    This seems the right place to bring up how, IMHO, Scott gets a lot of undeserved praise for how "supportive" he was of Brooke. While Brooke is shown spending much of her time whining and complaining about most things, Scott spends much of his time whining and complaining about Brooke. It's just that he has the skill (useless for winning the race, but good for looking good on camera)  to make his whining sound "clever" and "snarky".

    Nothing demonstrates how overrated Scott's support of Brooke is than this leg. While London and Brooke were both scrambling up their ladders to get the last Detour ladder, Logan helped out London by placing his foot on the bottom rung of her ladder, securing it for her. Scott just stood around like a doofus doing nothing even when Brooke told him to hold her ladder, enabling London to get the last Detour ladder ahead of Brooke.

    Leg 10: Rb: bicycle of traps (Scott)
    4th team to arrive.
    Scott finished 2nd.

    Scott's finest Rb performance, although it helped that both teams he got ahead of (London and especially Floyd) were struggling (to put it mildly).

    Leg 11: 1st Rb: cup stacking (Brooke)
    2nd team to arrive.
    Brooke finished 1st.

    2nd Rb (last Rb of the race): video game (Scott)
    1st team to arrive.
    Scott finished 2nd behind London, a woman who never played video games before.

    Scott did 6 Rbs, Brooke did 5.

    Of Scott's 6 Rbs, only 2 of them (a third) did he finish higher than he started, and in both cases it had more to do with what other racers initially ahead of him (Shamir, Floyd, and maybe London) were doing wrong than what Scott was doing right. In 2 Rbs, he finished lower than when he started. Of the 2 Rbs where his placement remained the same, one of them he was all but guaranteed to do so, while the only reason he didn't finish the other lower than when he started was because everyone tied with and behind him made the same dumb mistake he did.

    Of Brooke's 5 Rbs, 3 of them (more than half) she finished higher than when she started. In all 3 cases, she did so simply by doing it faster and better than at least one racer initially ahead of her. Only 1 Rb did she finish lower than when she started and it wasn't the infamous ladle Rb. The ladle Rb she gets so much flack for she actually finished in the same placement she started, mainly due to some fine work she'd done earlier in the Detour.

    Overall, Brooke did better in her Rbs than Scott did in his.

    Brooke & Scott were my least favorite team in the race. But when they won, instead of thinking, "Well I'm happy for Scott," I thought, "Well, I'm happy for Brooke". She may have whined and complained a lot, she may have been unlikeable (in the final cut,; several racers have said she was much more likeable than the final cut would have you believed) but she fully earned and deserved her victory at least as much as Scott did.

  6. Lol I was a Segway tour guide for Chicago last summer. Part of my tours included Milton Lee Olive Park and upon giving tours it was my first time visiting the location and I thought to myself as an avid TAR fan that that was the perfect location for either the starting or finish line. Two weeks later, I'm scheduled for a tour there and I see that it's abruptly cancelled. I found out that TAR was filming in that spot. How ironic! I went on a mini-scavenger hunt to all of the locations you visited bc Im that much of a proud dorky TAR fan.

  7. Definitely London for Survivor and maybe Scott. Blood vs. Water between them would be funny although I assume they aren't that close of friends. I am just interested to see how this Amazing Race cast unfolds.

  8. you should do 'whats on my amazing race backpack'!! btw i was rooting for team lolo the entire season and so sad you didn't win 🙁 but congrats on finishing 3rd!👏🏼

  9. Brooke and Scott were my favorite team since the beginning and I am sooo glad they won. They struggled so much through the race, and seeing them finish first in Korea, and then winning was incredible.
    Scottie just gets more amazing every second!

  10. #LetChaseRace

    Also as others have said, you two need to keep doing videos together. You both have so much charisma and chemistry together. PS congrats Scott if you read this and I hope we'll see you on Survivor some day (though it will be weird not seeing Brooke next to you, but I think Survivor would actually kill her so probably for the best).

  11. Yes!! Please make more videos ❤️ you girls are amazing and hilarious and beautiful! Any content you put out I'll be sure to watch❤️

  12. I didn't want these recaps to end! I'm going to miss them ;(

    Why didn't lolo check their bags??

    I was wondering why they didn't carry the signs all at once, thanks for clearing it up Scott.

    Even though the race is over, I hope London and Chase will continue making videos!

  13. I stopped watching the Amazing Race after episode 5 and only watched London and Chase's recaps because I couldn't stand Brooke's bitchin and moaning. Scott's cool though.

  14. Do you guys know if there's going to be another season?? Love you guys! Truly thought you were going to win, but happy for Brooke and Scott!!!!! :))

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