The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) – I Love You Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie clips:

Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) leaves a love message for Gwen (Emma Stone) and vows to never leave her.

The web-slingin’ wall-crawler hits the screens once again in this follow-up to Marc Webb’s 2012 reboot of the series. Andrew Garfield returns as Peter Parker, who squares off against the villainous Electro, played by Jamie Foxx. As the film opens, we find Richard (Campbell Scott) and Mary Parker (Embeth Davitz) stealing away with some crucial Oscorp files while leaving young Peter in the care of Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben. Flash forward about a decade, and Peter (Garfield) is swinging into action as Spider-Man; having successfully thwarted the hijacking of an Oscorp truck by notorious Russian criminal Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti), Peter ditches the costume just in time to meet up with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) at their high school graduation. Despite his deep love for Emma, however, Peter remains haunted by his promise to her late father not to get emotionally involved with her for fear that she could be targeted by Spider-Man’s enemies. Meanwhile, young Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan) inherits OsCorp and a deadly retrovirus from his father Norman (Chris Cooper), and brilliant but timid OsCorp scientist Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) gets infused with a powerful dose of electricity while attempting to fix a faulty power circuit in the lab. Upon regaining consciousness, Max discovers that he has the power to harness electrical currents – the higher the voltage the more powerful he becomes. When a battle with Max in Times Square shorts out Spidey’s web-shooters, Peter goes to work on developing a more reliable model of his signature weapon while Harry grows convinced that Spider-Man’s blood is the key to his survival. Later, villainous OsCorp chairman Donald Menken (Colm Feore) steals the company out right out from under Harry, driving the vengeful youth to break Max — now Electro — out of the heavily-guarded Ravencroft Institute for a two-pronged attack on Menken and Spider-Man. The stage for that battle is set when New York City goes dark just as Peter declares his love to Gwen, plunging the wise-cracking web-slinger into a fight that could forever alter the course of his life.

TM & © Sony (2014)
Cast: Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield
Director: Marc Webb
Producers: Avi Arad, Alex Kurtzman, Matthew Tolmach, Roberto Orci, Beatriz Sequeira
Screenwriters: Alex Kurtzman, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Roberto Orci, James Vanderbilt

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23 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) – I Love You Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

  1. When I saw this at the cinema with my friend I loved it straight away and when the movie started and Peter took his marks off I said to my friend “you didn’t tell me he was hot” and my friend just smiled and rolled his eyes typical guys lol

    It was a shame they killed her off!

  2. "Siempre serás mi caminó, después de todo tu lo guías, tu haces seguir mi transcurso, haces que no me pierda de mi camino. Sé que hay millones de razones por las que no deberíamos estar juntos, pero ya me cansé de escuchar esas razones… Todos escogemos con quién queremos pasar el resto de nuestras vidas, tal vez no sea fácil, tal vez sea la decisión más difícil de nuestra vida, y lo es, pero yo te escojo a tí, te escojo esta vida y las siguientes, te amo."

  3. The best Spiderman film i think, so many romance in this film, no much fights , in indonesia this film like dilan and mile

  4. auch wenns nicht geklappt hat bist du ein richtiger Ehrenmann dass du es überhaupt probiert hast war echt eine übel krasse Leistung

  5. Despite the whole Mccary engagement thing. No matter what is reported or said or seen. Theres more proof and signs Stonefield is alive and still together than any of the nonsense media and paparazzi shove down our throats.

    If I'm right, Andrew and Emma are still together and they are dating and this is not a joke! They never split at all! The tabloids were lying the whole entire time! Truth is, Stonefield is alive and still together and keeping the romance private due to paparazzi. private life is private life! this love is strong! and it's never gonna die! this love can't die if they really love and care so much for each other!

    Oh and btw, Media is horrible and paparazzi are idiots! they will watch Stonefield and see how much they love each other and how they are still together and been a couple for a long time and media will literally write what they didn't see cause that's how they work! private life shouldn't be their business.

  6. I thought that She would return as the Black Cat in THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 3. But it is a matter of sorrow that it can't be happened anymore.😭😭😭

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