The Amazing Spider-Man 3 | FULL FAN-MADE STORY – What It Should've Been!

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 | FULL FAN-MADE STORY – What It Should’ve Been!

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23 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 3 | FULL FAN-MADE STORY – What It Should've Been!

  1. As much as I didn’t like this reboot I was interested to see the amazing Spiderman 3 this video is a dream come true

  2. LewisFilms: Watch TASM 2 Fixed Story before watching this
    Me: Nah i'm sure i don't need to do that
    LewisFilms: Peter And Gwen are having a great relationship
    Me: Hmm so Gwen is Alive Fine i'll go watch TASM 2 Fixed video

  3. So are we getting a spiritual tasm4 with Peter recovering from depression and taking down venom or Kraven. But I’m all seriousness this one was awesome it felt like the rami screenwriters wrote for tasm3 in a lot of ways. This was the best Spider-Man re write in terms of the movies. I would ur vision for another tasm movie

  4. TBH I want a theatrical version of the ps4 version. Best version of all the characters, except Harry. Raimi Harry best Harry. And maybe mj. She was kinda meh in that game

  5. So when you doing avengers Earth mightiest heroes season 3 maybe check all the loose ends and the same for teen titans before you do season 6, have you ever heard of Typhon?

  6. This is unrelated, but I have an idea for a live action Spider-Verse between Tobey, Andrew and Tom:

    How about they adapt The Clone Saga(properly) and have Tobey be Ben Reilly and Andrew as Kaine Parker. How’s this idea? Is it good? Is it awful?

  7. Awesome! The amazing Spider-Man 3

    I noticed about how the amazing Spider-Man 3 would of been better than 2

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