The Best Way Possible to Clean Adidas White Ultraboost!

Head over to to pick up the Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner. Use promo code “yt10” for 10% off your next purchase.

New video tutorial cleaning up these really dirty White Ultraboost with our Advanced Sneaker Laundry Kit. Make sure you checkout to pick that up along with all other sneaker care products!

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42 thoughts on “The Best Way Possible to Clean Adidas White Ultraboost!

  1. Bro kindly rell me any other substitute this product is not avilablebin india my pair has got yellowish stain how to remove it

  2. i have grey ones and there getting a bit dirty already and its annoying but i am not gonna wear them a lot because i am way to lazy to clean them every week. Because i get them dirty quickly.

  3. I tried to order some stuff from the website but it keeps trying to change my address to what it thinks it is not what it actually is so I can’t order anything

  4. Anyone have any luck removing grass stains from plastic straps on the Ultraboost? Tried magic eraser, buffing with a microfiber towel, and washing method and nothing has worked so far.

  5. To prove the product you should have also washed the other shoe without applying the product at all and show us the difference..

  6. Lmao I just bleached my ultra boosts an hour ago and when he said they will color yellow afterwards I immidiatly washed it off. But they turned a bit brighter white tho

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