The Most Successful America's Next Top Model Contestants Ever

With its debut in 2003, America’s Next Top Model has gone on to become one of the most popular reality competitions on TV. Even after its jump from the CW to VH1, the show has launched many stunning careers. So where are they now? These are the most successful Top Models ever.

Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato was known for stirring up the drama.

And in 2011, she went on to win the All-Star Cycle. Since her time on the show, D’Amato has kept herself busy doing even more reality TV. In 2010, she checked into Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and, two years later, she starred in her own pilot titled My Name Is Lisa. In 2016, D’Amato and her husband, Hollywood entrepreneur Adam Friedman, appeared on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and, in March 2019, Reality Blurred reported that she landed a deal on Shark Tank for her food storage bib Dare-U-Go!

But D’Amato’s true passion lies in making music. In 2009, she released her debut album, La Puchinetta, which she followed up with Flippin’ the Bird.

Yaya DaCosta may have been the runner-up on Cycle 3, but her career post-show has been nothing short of incredible. Two years after Top Model, she made her feature film debut in 2006’s Take the Lead, and has had recurring roles on Chicago Med, All My Children, and Ugly Betty, along with a starring role in 2015’s Whitney. DaCosta has also been outspoken about representation in the industry. The Afro-Latina actress told The Grio in 2019,

It’s nice that people are actually realizing what Latin America actually looks like.”

But she acknowledged that the work needs to happen everywhere in the industry.

“There have to be writers and producers and directors hiring, and insisting on that representation.”

Watch the video to see more of the most successful America’s Next Top Model contestants ever!

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Lisa D’Amato | 0:16
Yaya DaCosta | 0:58
Cassandra Jean Whitehead | 1:37
Danielle Evans | 2:02
Eva Marcille | 2:40
Toccara Jones | 3:19
Nyle DiMarco | 4:00
Isis King | 4:45
Leila Goldkuhl | 5:25
Analeigh Tipton | 6:03
Bre Scullark | 6:47
Kim Stolz | 7:43
Fatima Siad | 8:21
Winnie Harlow | 9:03


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37 thoughts on “The Most Successful America's Next Top Model Contestants Ever

  1. Why no mention of season 9 winner Sal Stowers she was on All My Children as Cassandra when the show came back for a season online in 2013 (a role that was originally played by Yaya back in 2008 before that the character was only sceen as an infant on Loving back in 97) and has been on Days of Our Lives as Lani Price since 2015

  2. Idk why but i like how they called kim their first out lesbian star, the out distinction was very warming to hear for whatever reason

  3. Missing Elyse Sewell. She did well in Asia after the show and she is the best contestant that has ever been on the show.

  4. I swear there's another woman that landed a bunch of cover girl ads after the show but I can't remember her name and she wasn't on this list

  5. Did anyone use to watch top model episodes on top model channel? I went on it yesterday to continue watching but it’s been taken down 🙁

  6. Personal preference, but I didnt like the new format when they brought the guys in, it just seemed like The Real World with less eager wannabe models.

  7. So literally none of them have been successful as models which is what the show was ostensibly about. The biggest “successes” have been in reality tv and some types of social justice work. Fine if that’s what they want to do, but it’s not modeling.

  8. Yoanna House (the winner from Cycle 2) is still consistently modeling. I don't think she ever hit it "big", but if you follow her instagram, you can see that she still is regularly and consistently modeling at 40 years old. I think that's pretty amazing.

  9. The one model that thinking cutting her hair short, made her not herself. Bitch, you’re in the modeling industry. Why go for it. Your hair will grow back. Dumbass bitch. Smfh

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