The Sneaker Chop Adidas Originals – Stan Smith

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20 thoughts on “The Sneaker Chop Adidas Originals – Stan Smith

  1. thankx for the video,
    try cut modern / nowdays stan smith….

    mine, (2017) have room on the outsole if i pull out the insole….

    looks like nowdays's have budget cut on the production.

  2. Those are Adidas Stan Smith 80's. The original Stan Smith's were made from '66 to the late 70's. Then they were re-released in the 80's as this one in the video, known as the Adidas Stan Smith 80's, you can tell because of the logo on the tongue. On the originals, there's a print of the tennis player Stan Smith in the shoe's secondary color.

  3. hi, could you do the nike zoom generation please?
    the regular version. I think you have done the low ones, but they have slightly different cushioning system.
    thank you.

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