THEY ACTUALLY MADE THEM BETTER! – Adidas X 19.1 (302 Redirect) – Review + On Feet

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There’s no denying that the new Adidas X 19.1 looks a lot like the X 18.1 that it replaces, but what if I told you that it was actually a lot better? Well, maybe not a lot better, but definitely improved in a lot of ways, more so than I was honestly expecting.

In today’s video I go over all of the details and changes made to the new Adidas X 19.1 in the 302 Redirect pack colorway, along with discussing why I think this is easily one of the best “Speed” boots that money can buy! Will these be your next boots?

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23 thoughts on “THEY ACTUALLY MADE THEM BETTER! – Adidas X 19.1 (302 Redirect) – Review + On Feet

  1. I want to know the difference between adidas x 19.1 and nemeziz 19.1 , which is more comfortable and paded ?

    Which one would you choose Josh ?

  2. What are the looks on sole separation? how long did it take for them to break/ have the sole separate? My laceless Copas broke after 2 weeks and hoping these last a bit longer

  3. Hi !!
    Firstly for Josh, i feel really sorry for you. Hope you will not loose rare boots!

    Secondly, i'm hesitating between the x 17+ purespeed and the x19.1? Which one would you pick?

    And finally, i know it's a completely different feel but if you had you choose one between any of two i said before and the morelia 2 mij (not the neo). Which one would you pick?

  4. Hi josh love the videos, would the x19.1 FG and the copa 19.1 AG last long on artificial grass in terms of sole separation? Please answer

  5. Normally i am a 9.5 size in copas and previously adizero, but for the laceless adidas X i am a 10, would you still recommend i go for 9.5 for the lace ones?

  6. Josh how does the tounge area compare to that of the 18.1? I had serious issues getting my foot into the 18.1s because of the lack of stretch at the tongue. Is there a little more in the 19.1?

  7. If I bought the X19.1 FG/AG for when I play outside on real grass, should I buy a separate pair of X19.1 Turf cleats for playing indoors on artificial grass or just use the FG/AG X19.1?


  8. Why do you think Mo Salah didn’t switch into the 19.1 for the champions league final? He trained in them before the final but played in the 18.1? Seems like most other players switched to the 19 since the beginning of May

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