They Look Like Yeezy 350s || Adidas Tubular Doom Sock 'PK' Primeknit Review and On Feet

A special pick up as I saw these sitting at a local shoe retailer here in Toronto, Canada called Brown Shoes. It’s a shoe that resembles closely to the silhouette for another popular sneaker created by the same company, Adidas. Looking at the design aesthetics, one would immediately think of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Today, I have an in-depth review of these Adidas Tubular Doom Sock ‘PK’ Primeknit in the Core Black colourway.
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22 thoughts on “They Look Like Yeezy 350s || Adidas Tubular Doom Sock 'PK' Primeknit Review and On Feet

  1. Just bought yesterday
    $10 no sales tax
    Gotta love Brooklyn
    Actually not crazy about them
    Green upper on a white sole
    $10 USD
    Trump definitely made American capitalism great again

  2. Amazing shoes, got mine this Tuesday, my favourite shoe and I prefer over Yeezys, very comfortable and I love the reflective laces😂 love the adidas heel strap in the back too🔥

  3. Using it for past 1.5yrs. They are 🔥. Nothing will ever look so beautiful than these monsters. Now the biggest problem with them is the sole which will quickly turn into flat slippers and all you are left with is the looks.
    Pretty well built though I have to say. I wish Adidas could replace the midsole with boost. They will become immortal!

  4. I have both the tubular doom sock PK's and a pair of yeezys and honestly find myself wearing the doom sock PK's more than i do with my yeezy's. They definitely are your wannabe yeezy beaters and theres nothing wrong with that because its still an adidas brand shoe just like the yeezy's.

  5. it doesn't look that much like yeezys
    the internet is fucking dumb with all it's manufactured problems
    sneaker channels made this shit up to push views, it didn't impact reality, but it could have, but you don't care, you need the views. No matter how much bullshit it takes. society is fucked

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