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Laceless boots are definitely a thing, an expensive thing as well! For a very long time, laceless tech was reserved for top-end models that cost as much as $300, but now adidas is offering “laceless tech” at lower price points, specifically $100. The Predator 19.3 LL being the first laceless takedown, and to say the least, it isn’t great.

In today’s video we take a closer look at the new adidas X 19.3 Laceless, the latest $100 laceless boot from the adidas brand that’s actually not bad! I would go as far as to say that it’s the best cheap laceless boot ever! The question is, while it’s good for laceless boot, how does it compare to other boots at the $80 to $100 price point? Let’s find out. Would you buy these for $100?

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41 thoughts on “THIS IS THE BEST CHEAP LACELESS FOOTBALL BOOT EVER! – Adidas X 19.3 Laceless – Review + On Feet

  1. In some other brand reviews, you said your size is US9 but for this pair you say US9.5. I know size vary from brand to brand. But I think useful help to sizing worries is to tell us your actual heel to big toe measrnent in inches/cms, then tell us the size you are using. That way we can extrapolate based on our individual heel-toe lengths.

  2. I have just brought these boots and live them, however they CREASE EXTREMELY EASILY even after putting them in once.

  3. can’t decide between these or the 19.2 i’m english and these are £80 and the 19.2 are £110, leaving money out of it which are better, always had the X .2 for the last 2 years and love them but have astro X + laceless which i love so cant decide whether to downgrade slightly to get the laceless or stay as i am but have the laces. can anyone help

  4. I have the 19.3 preds the same you showed, can you make a review of them?, i dont know why they are garbage, dont understand your point of view

  5. Huge Fan!!!!!!! Know this has nothing to do with this video but have a serious question. If I'm looking into a new pair of Nike football boots (Probably PRO models), I always think of mercurial as my first choice but I've had my eyes also on the phantom venoms. Would you recommend Nike mercurial vapor pro or Nike phantom venom pro?

  6. Hey Josh, got a question for you. I played club and varsity soccer a while back (like 8+ years ago) and had the CTR 1 and CTR 2, loved them! I'm starting to play again, somewhat competitively in a city league. I'm wondering, is it worth it to buy the Tiempo 7 Elite for $170, or should I just stick with the old boots. Has the tech changed that much and would it make a difference? Appreciate any feedback. Enjoy your channel btw, thanks for the great content!

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