Thüringen II Timelapse #10 Filling The Bunker Silo, Farming Simulator 19

FS19 Thüringen II Timelapse series continues as we get to work harvesting our wheat in two of our fields. We collect up the straw using our loading wagon and use it to top up the cows bedding. We also put some into our new TMR mixing plant. We then lease a Krone forage harvester and chop our corn into chaff to put into our fermenting silo and bunker silo so we can produce some silage for our cows. We use our Claas Xerion to levell and compact the chaff before covering it over to start the fermenting process.

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35 thoughts on “Thüringen II Timelapse #10 Filling The Bunker Silo, Farming Simulator 19

  1. Dumb question maybe, but why do so many people use corn for silage when grass doesn't have to be replanted or weeded? Double-fertilized field grass gets about 2/3rds the yield of corn silage.

  2. your videous are the best so good and everything i love how you decorate homes and everything keep up and i have 2 questions how can i loan more money in fs19 felsbrunn than 500k and how do i have setting with plant growing slow fast normal off if i have 2 fields?

  3. Damn. That levelling of chaff looked like a piece of cake. I get annoyed levelling that tractors getting stuck chaff falling out of the bunker edges n all hence resorted to fermenting silo.

  4. Hi Sim, Nice video as always! The Ine thing i like with you is that you are using different modes om different series!! Keep up the work!!

  5. I want you to have sheep now. But as you have a big farm i thought that maybe you can have aroubd 200 sheps. I have a computer at home but i cant play fs 17. I know that for 200 sheep you meed around a 100k gras or hay. Idk if in fs 19 is changed to a bigger capacity for feed
    * I meant i can play fs 17 but not fs 19. My mistake. Am sorri

  6. I think you should build a big sheep shed because you haven't got a series where you have tonnes of sheep. On midwest horizon and this map and grizzly mountain you have tonnes of cows, on grizzly mountain you have tonnes of pigs. so I feel like you should do sheep

  7. I like the placeable objects 😀

    Most have a german name and I can read this because I'm from Germany 😛

    These are the little things in life… ^^

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