Tip Top Top Lane Alistar Guide – HTTL

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On release of this guide Alistar is one of the best top lane champs for 5v5 play.
He is a contested pick in LCS and rightly so.
Learn why, when and how to play top lane Alistar.

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43 thoughts on “Tip Top Top Lane Alistar Guide – HTTL

  1. where is the build ? 🙁 need help pls im still trying to perfect my alistar top i usually use him as a support but when i saw that alistar and oriana combo its GG  in LCS .

  2. What are your thoughts on non-AP Top Lane Alistar?
    I've played a small bunch of Alistar myself, since he's risen to Top Lane popularity and I went to copy some Pro Builds(TM) that revolved around rushing Trinity Force and CDR boots (+/- Static Shiv if the enemy underestimates me and feeds me to beyond oblivion) and then getting a bunch of HP + the ocassional tank stat, such as Randuin's or Banshee's/Spirit Visage comboed with either Alacrity or Captain's for boots depending on whether I'm the one doing the slaughtering myself or merely initiating.

  3. Your videos are so amazing and you have a rather small audience compared to others who do much less or just much worse (in my opinion). I really am cheering for you to get more success!

  4. Fourpaws do you think that Alistar is less of a priority pick for top lane ever since they took away his headbutt + auto for sheen proc harass? Or he's still strong but not op anymore?

  5. In my high silver opinion, Alistar is the counter-play lacking cancer of toplane. Rage-rage-rage.
    Luckily, not so many people play him for now.

  6. FourPaws,I think I just met you in a normal game :3 You were playing Ryze top and Dat Ashe was playing Tristana.Was that the real you?

  7. Love the new look of your guide, been a fan for a while now and I feel this is very user friendly (talking mostly about the summary near the end)

  8. 2 things to mention :

    1) for the wq combo , u need to think of it as a quick horse gallop , meaning that there must be NO time between both buttons

    2) people underestimate ad alistar xD , for offensive go trinity , ravenous , frozen mallet , visage and Randuin's with any boots choice , since when u go u have some aoe and too much tankiness with ulti , sounds way too troll but fun 😛 , and alistar's base damage along with ulti is too high to ignore tri force

  9. Hey is this for the current patch? I haven't played Alistar for some time now, so I'm curious how the nerf to his W affects his ability to perform in the top lane. Also, how would you compare the build you proposed here with the Trinity Force build?

  10. His headbutt got nerfed because it doesn't apply the basic attack after. I think Alistar Top Lane is still good though. If your team needs a serious tank he's perfect.

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