Come join my in the TJ Maxx Men’s department. All different style and sizes for everyone. I manage to find a couple of pieces hopefully they get some new shirts in for spring . You can find name brand for less . Adidas, Nike, under armour, Nautica nd more. Even some fun music tee’s . Shop and browse with me .

Thanks so much for hanging out with me. Have a great day or night. Please stay safe and buckle up!

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23 thoughts on “TJ MAXX – MEN'S CLOTHING WALK THROUGH 2019

  1. One day I gotta get me a nasa shirt lol anyways great video family sorry I been ghost get it 👻 lol lot going on I'll try to catch up

  2. Hey guys love watching y'all after work when I'm relaxing when are you gonna show your faces the faces hidden behind the voices lol 👍🏼

  3. My husband loves his shirts full of torn holes ‼️🙄😰😨😱‼️Says that’s when they feel the best‼️🤢Not‼️

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