Tokyo Amazing City Walk | Daimon & Shiba Park Adventure

Daimon Station to Shiba Park, Zojoji Temple & Tokyo Tower 🗼 (Shibakoen 芝公園)
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30 thoughts on “Tokyo Amazing City Walk | Daimon & Shiba Park Adventure

  1. Cat vs. Crow vs. Pigeon (@:59:40) further reaffirms my belief that Japanese crows are creepy.
    they were the only thing i was weirded out by & afraid of, during my visits to Japan .
    not afraid of getting lost.
    not afraid of different food.
    not afraid of that strip club (most likely run by the Yakuza ) that tried to scam me.
    but 100% afraid of those damn crows.

  2. Hey bro I love your videos you make me live my dream and I want to visit japan and maybe live in Japan and study in Japan to so I want to ask about some stuff so please contact me

  3. Hi John. I've got a great idea that all your fans will love and appreciate. Why don't you create the interactive map which shows all places you have visited? You click the map and it shows your Youtube video shot in the location. That is a great tour guide! I already came up with the name too. ONLY IN JAPAN MAP! It can be a very popular app. You are welcome, people!

  4. i think the spider you're describing in the video was a huntsman spider.

    the ones on the big orb webs are golden orb weavers

    im sure they came from australia lol

  5. My husband and I have been watching your videos for about a month now and we love seeing the different parts of Japan and everything that you show! We live in Colorado. Have never been to Japan. Thank you for doing this. 👍😁

  6. I saw soft drinks are cheapest at drug stores, next at grocery stores, then combinis and finally vending machines. Anyone know why?

  7. John, do you have social anxiety ? you seem to " brush people off" when they approach you unless its 1 of your " known friends . just curious ……so i know whether to say hi or not if I see you in public .

  8. The McDo teriyaki ad you passed by with Yoshiki being the model… He doesn't mean "NO". He was doing an "X" sign, a popular hand sign for his famous band, X Japan. 😁😁😁

  9. Crows can definitely take down a pigeon. It's happened a couple of times in my garden. They're pretty good at tidying up after themselves as well minus a couple of small bones and feathers.

  10. Cat vs Crow vs Pigeon = "The Circle of Life" Thanks for a fun livestream! Looking forward to you doing a collab with Greg from @LifeWhereImFrom ! You both have great editing and storytelling skills!

  11. The confusion my brain went through seeing an Asian man (Jeff) come up and start speaking with an Aussie accent. It reminds me of when I first got to German as an US soldier for my 3 yr tour. I had to ride a civilian bus to get to the other half of my base there for admin stuff. As we were on the buss two Black American soldiers were sitting two seats in front of me and in front of them was a Black German man. The confusion on their faces as the Black German was just having a conversation in German just blew these guys away. I bet they had never seen Black people speak a foreign language like this guy was. lol now I know their confusion and how much it twisted my own brain.

  12. I walked from Daimon to Tokyo Tower AND even ate oden at at ます家 almost exactly four years ago plus a couple of days. It was great! Traveling from Norway to Tokyo for a few days in a couple of weeks by the way. Hope to bump into you! 🙂

  13. Nice stream John, was cool see the temple & tokyo tower in the distance 😄 , btw the japan spiders are dangerous like the japanese hornet? 😱

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