Tom Hanks and wife test positive for Covid-19

Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been infected with Covid-19.

The Academy Award-winning actor said they were tested for the virus and were found to be positive. Hanks and his wife were tested in Australia
where he is working on a film.

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27 thoughts on “Tom Hanks and wife test positive for Covid-19

  1. What are the chances? Then P3ter Du77on gets it.. weird. Straight after getting back from US linking into privacy systems to assist with "child protection" but the pesky parliamentary pdf file protection suppression order could do that. Sc0m0 doesn't need testing tho – he's a good boy.

  2. John Travolta was rushed to the hospital, doctors fearing that he had COVID-19.

    But turns out he just had Saturday Night Fever.

  3. So if they had really MILD symptoms they would not have been checked, and brought more Covid-19 back to the USA?

  4. Tom Hanks should be arrested for helping to spread the coronavirus….All these rich Baby Boomer assholes think they can do whatever they want,whenever they want….Trump should quarantine Tom Hanks outside the country and seize his bank account….Then take all of his money and use it to help find a cure for this virus……It's time these Baby Boomer multi-millionaires start to take responsibility for their reckless lifestyles……..Why should I have to take a chance on being infected when these Baby Boomer assholes are traveling all over the world picking up all kinds of diseases?….Baby Boomers have invented all kinds of dangerous diseases and now this!……All Baby Boomers should be rounded up and put in camps like in WWII.Let them all live with each other then they would come to the realization that that the world would be a better place if all Baby Boomers were exterminated.🤔

  5. They're rich and can afford the best medical help … better than you. I have absolutely NO empathy for them. Like Trump, a freaking publicity stunt, wrapped up in a million dollar scam.

  6. If Hanks has the Corona virus to same degree that he has Trump Derangement syndrome we can start thinking about him in past tense.

  7. Atheist : Oo scientists , micro biologists , WHO , doctors.. please help us ..protect us from this deadly virus .. Amen

  8. Prayers fer im n all suffering this bug.
    "FAKE NEWS"…"ITS a HOAX by the DNC", a "VERY STABLE GENIUS" told me so.

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