Top 3 TKL (Tenkeyless) Keyboards for Gaming & Office Work

Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards have really been gaining popularity and these some of the best we’ve found. The Logitech G Pro, Tesoro GRAM Spectrum TKL and Massdrop CTL are all awesome tenkeyless gaming designs in their own way.

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Logitech G Pro Keyboard:
Tesoro GRAM Spectrum TKL:
Massdrop CTRL:

NZXT H500:
NZXT H700:
NZXT H200:

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42 thoughts on “Top 3 TKL (Tenkeyless) Keyboards for Gaming & Office Work

  1. wait the logitech you can customize the colors right? Like if you want it all blue or all red? etc?

  2. I have relatively big hands with long fingers so and I want a balance of small and big keyboard

  3. I can touchtyping so I couldn't care less about illuminations, it's even annoying for me. I only have two keyboards with illumination, one is boxed new (Razer Blackwidow Overwatch edition) and in the other is deactivated (Logitech MX Keys). My favorite TKL keyborads are the CM Novatouch (Topre) and Vortex Pok3r (no RGB). Even with those I have to use a Numpad Keyboard (Filco) just because I use a lot of numerical data.

  4. just IMAGINE if a company made a keyboard that is: Wireless, Tenkeyless, Black, hotswappable, and RGB. Would get it in a second.

  5. Honestly, as of now, I own about half a dozen mechanical keyboards, from full, TKL, 65%, 75%. One of the is the Massdrop CTRL. The Massdrop CTRL is the most expensive keyboard I own, and also the worst of any of them, by far. The keycaps are a really weird texture. The board itself feels cheap (because it is). I have a (very annoying) double clicking issue. The switches themselves don't really feel all that great. Not sure if it's a personal opinion, as all of my other keyboards have cherry mx switches.

    TLDR: Get something from Ducky. If you're gonna spend any amount of money on a mechanical keyboard, make sure it has PBT keycaps.

  6. Logitech keyboard??? Rly, man?
    This crap can't even be called a keyboard, really.
    Where are the varmilo? Leopold? Durgod? Or at least ducky??

    Logitech… Jesus….

  7. I think it is a great idea to have a desktop keyboard without a numpad. Honestly I rarely ever use my numpad, I am not an accountant. Think of how much more ergonomic your desktop would be without a numpad. Your mouse will be placed in a more natural central position so your right arm will not have not to curve to use your mouse anymore. Even on laptops I think it is stupid because laptops with numpads sacrifice decent speakers for crappy bottom firing speakers just to utilize a numpad.

  8. so far ive gotten the black widow chroma v2 TKL/Tournament Edition yellow switch and i love its been my first Mechanical my 2 brothers both had blue switches and they both hate how loud they get very happy with the razer yellow switches

  9. the corsair k70 low profile mechanical is an absolute wonder to type on! it makes me WANT to be on my computer and do work. however, I wish they had a 10 key less design because I'm used to that now 🙁 the desk space you get with 10 keyless is insane and you can actually position the keyboard more in front of you for typing instead of having to offset the other stuff. the corsair one types like a damn dream but they seriously need to start ramping these low profile mechanical keyboards with no numpads up now! typing fast with the low profile keys so you hands can just glide over the keys is where it's at! It's fucking fantastic! just a very subtle clickity clack. no stupid plastic tab noises or annoying keyboard noises. Just a nice pleasant feel to typing with that slide rubbery gritty surface!

  10. I hate Romer G switches. They fail a lot. A lot of people complain about missed and double presses.

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