I compare the brand new Ultra Boost Uncaged to the original Ultra Boost so you know which one to pick up!

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  1. Bought mine “cloud white” for 55.00 on GOAT. Worn a few times. Checked pics and looked clean. They’ve been verified and will arrive tomorrow. I am stoked. 🕺🏻

  2. uncaged is by far the better one of the two… i have worn both models about equally for roughly 2 years now and i have to say, the uncaged does have some slightly stronger use-marks on the upper, but somehow the boost still holds up better than the caged version… srsly if you want them only for looks buy caged, if you want a great shoe and dont care too much about looks, maybe just a house or quick slip on shoe, buy the uncaged

  3. I like both of them equally I own both pairs and I just wear whichever one looks best with my outfit that day when I do want to wear ultraboosts.

  4. I think the uncaged do look better in style but the only issue I have with this is if you decide to wear short socks, the ridges at the ankle might irritate your ankle in time. I was planning to get the original ultraboost but seeing how the uncaged looks when you put em on, im having second thoughts and might end up buying the uncaged. I will check em out in store with and without socks to make my final judgment 🤔

  5. uncaged ultra boost for sure, it is firmly fitted to me, and I think it is look fashionable.
    However, you should try to wear them all before making a deal as It is quite expensive, but with reasonable price though.

  6. Why does everyone think the uncaged is lifestyle. I think the uncaged is a superior shoe in running. Also I play tennis in the uncaged and the direction changing is so quick and stable because the cage isn't restricting you but the internal plastic gives you just the right amount of support.

  7. I actually wear 11 in uncaged and 12 in the reg ultra boost. I got a wide foot so I actually find the uncaged more comfortable but I'm not all about the boost anyway out of over 220 pairs of sneakers only 12 or 13 of em are boost and 150 pairs are so are all jordan lol the rest is a few luxury brands and a few random sneakers. Always down sizing and giving kicks to friends and family because it's almost impossible too keep up with all the releases. I'm actually starting to get into some air Max's and vans. I even been coping some huaraches which I find look pretty dope and conferrable right from the min you put em on and there Is a million colour ways.

  8. I wear an 11.5 in Supernova Glide 8s with about a thumb width of room left and I'm looking to get a pair of Uncaged ultra boosts, should I go for an 11.5 or 11?

  9. Is there anything about the uncaged that would actually make it inferior to the caged in terms of performance and running?

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