Valletta Malta & AMAZING City SUNSET Drone Flight

After a couple weeks exploring Malta we finally made it to Valletta!! In this video we explore the World Heritage old town, the Upper Barrakka Gardens, the outer walls, and a sunset mission to the other side of the water.

The sunset session was one to remember and a perfect way to capture the city of Valletta. Hope you dig that drone footage!!

Also check out Nellie’s latest Malta video uploaded TODAY 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Valletta Malta & AMAZING City SUNSET Drone Flight

  1. Awesome, your best video so far! Probably because Valletta is my favourite place to be on earth. Last time I was there it was for a client photoshoot, and there was so much to shoot it was incredible. Wonderfully made video as always Greg, and the drone footage was stunning, a real treat to see the city from the air like that. Cheers! 😀👍

  2. Dude, those drone shots are awesome!! Did you have to get permission etc..?? Or can you just FLY? The street shots were also great… not been to Malta yet, you should totally hit up their tourism board!! Cheers Jase

  3. Hola Greg, sabiendo que hablas español te escribo de esta manera. Cuando estarán por la Patagonia? Es un viaje fantástico. Yo iré con familia y amigos en julio. Saludos y arriba con esos videos que están excelentes!!!

  4. I’m really surprised you don’t have more subscribers. You definitely deserve much more due to your hard work, great photos and awesome video content! Hopefully you will be “discovered” soon.

  5. I think you could publish a book of photos of the doors of Malta. I've never seen so many unique and interesting doors in one place before. I also loved the cats hanging out near the fishermen at the harbor. No doubt they are waiting to see if they can charm a fish from them. They look well fed so they must be successful.

  6. I love those views of Valletta especially the ones around sunset! It looks so peaceful especially with the drone footage!

  7. Said it before and I will say it again, you deserve so many more subs with this quality of footage Greg, and you two are one of the nicest couples I see on YouTube (along with Jodie and BvS that is 😀)

  8. Beautiful series of videos on Malta, epically good drone footage of there too, nice to see the locals taking an interest in the drone too, bet they asked loads of questions 🙂

  9. Malta has moved to the top of my list as the next place to visit, thanks to yours and Nellie's videos. This is a beautiful place! (and your drone footate, like always, is probably the best in the business)

  10. Your drone footage makes our capital city look totally amazing….I just love it. I work in tourism, organising groups from all over the world visiting Malta with all their needs once here, so I'm sure your video will entice more people to visit… So thanks for that

  11. Great work as always! Glad you managed to get some awesome footage from the islands. Its incredible how a few days can completely change the weather; as its been pouring for almost 24hrs now. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay if you're still here

  12. great episode Greg, thought the b-roll was really slick and the drone & timelapse footage complimented the still images beautifully to make this an enjoyable overview of Valetta.

  13. Lived in Malta for couple of years, 2 of my children were born there, left in 78 nice to see a few of the sights, really surprised you were allowed to fly the drone around the harbour etc, did you need many permissions for that?

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