Watch to become a Challenger Jax

Playing #LeagueofLegends featuring Challenger #Jax versus #Camille top lane. It’s all about wave management and understanding the limits and spikes of the enemy champion.

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Please watch: “Jax 1v9 no clickbait”


►►Kayle Guide

►►Season 9 Gameplay

►►Gameplay with commentary (Tips and tricks)


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16 thoughts on “Watch to become a Challenger Jax

  1. Bro I didn't know this channel but when I searched some jax plays I see this bro instant SUB for your jax play so smooth and so informative keep this up bro

  2. I'm new to league.. and I've been looking for good top laners. Your videos are absolute best of any I've seen so far, great info and I love the text boxes on screen describing what you're doing or what mistake you made. Keep up the awesome work

  3. How can you say jg has impact and use that lee sin as an example? Imagine a top laner TPs bot and dies and then bot laner says "top laners have so much impact." Just because some autofill moron makes bad play doesnt make the role good at all right now for carrying.

  4. Thank you for these videos. I came back to league after many seasons of not playing it. Thought to myself that top lane with Jax should be fun and your videos are helping me out a lot improving my game. Thanks again. Cheers.

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