Westlife – Amazing (Official Video)

Westlife – Amazing (Official Video)
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You’re like a storm against the window
Follow me around just like a shadow
I’ll swim a never-ending ocean
Until you bring back your devotion

It’s like I live a thousand lifetimes
Still looking for the one that feels right
See, moving on just isn’t working
You lit the fire that I burn in

And all I’ve been doing is protecting
A lie for the sake of my pride
While all the others set me thinking
we could be more than just amazing

I guess I’m holding on to my faith
A silent hope I’m heading your way
And crawling over is so tempting
We could be more than just amazing


27 thoughts on “Westlife – Amazing (Official Video)

  1. What I don't like about westlife is it's only Shane and Mark who sing the songs, the other two (three) don't sing at all. So why bother made a boyband? Just make duo.

  2. Hermosos ellos y sus voces que no puedo dejar de escucharlos me encantan 😍😍😍 super fan desde ya mas 15 años

  3. Since I was a child, it was always Mark's voice that soothes me and calm me down. Though I love all their voices.

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