What Apple didn't tell you about the iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard!

Here’s all the features and details Apple didn’t tell us about the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard case! Plus, the MacBook Air still has a 720p FaceTime camera.

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40 thoughts on “What Apple didn't tell you about the iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard!

  1. Im always 2 or 3 years behind when it comes to purchasing ipads. I wait for price drops. Its still 2017 for me lol. Stay safe

  2. Brian, I love you man but…720 is fine!!! Its just video chat or talking , not fine art. Just like the "Eye Brow" Its good and we all got over it. iPad Pro is a lot of money but I have a first gen and its still great. As fast as my iPad Are 3. Stay cool as you always are.

  3. Will be buying the magic keyboard and the new iPad Pro this September when I can get a student deal. Do you see them coming up with a 3rd gen Apple Pencil?

  4. So many people saying they’re going to buy the keyboard for their 2018 iPad Pro, but it’s only showing as compatible with the 4th Gen!

    Can anyone actually tell me where they’re getting their info from that it’s going to be available for the 2018 models?

  5. I think it will be nice for new owners, i personally can't afford to not have such a small portable device like this one. Its an awesome computing machine, Don't feel the new ipads are such an upgrade compared to the 2018 ones, plus mine does everything i need and more. Until they import final cut into ipads, i probably won't jump the ship 🙂

  6. Will the trackpad have haptic feedback/3D touch like the magic trackpad? (Or at least a nice click like on surface pro) Otherwise it would suck

  7. I wonder how the magic keyboard is going to react if you try to put the iPad pro in portrait mode. Is it still going to hold magnetically? I read a lot of magazines. I guess you can't. It will probably mess up the connector at the back.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/fnw6rv/first_2020_ipad_pro_order_arrives_ahead_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

    Reddit users found out about the new benchmarks for ipad pro 2020 because someone got it early and the scores don’t show much of an improvement. It might be better to go for an older ipad pro on sale.

  9. I don’t feel I need to have a trackpad, but I’m sure I’ll like it. But honestly, I’m mostly interested in the higher up hinge with 130° angle!

  10. The iPad Pro is missing 2 keys things in my world of computers that is a must. Steam and uTorrent lol. My Surface Pro can do everything and more than an iPad Pro can do except its not as smooth, slow, tacky, not slick or easy to live with. Why does the world have to have these trade off? Damn.

  11. Loved your enthusiasm since CNET days.. thanks for digging in the details.. love the design but as you say this is a luxury product.. can you do a video compare the 2018 v 2020 ipad pro? Performance on ipad is for 90% user base a pointless discussion point. It might be time to pick up a 2018 bargin !

  12. “We over me” nice slogan! Re: new iPad keyboard case, don’t feel like splurging on it. Will probably stick to my old Magic keyboard and maybe get a Bluetooth mouse if I wish to transform my 2018 iPad Pro into a laptop replacement.

  13. I like the fact that they've doubled the storage of the base model for the same price! Apple tends to rip you off when it comes to storage most of the time!

  14. I like the 2020 iPad pro with the extra cameras on the back but I love the new keyboard and if the new keyboard supports the iPad pro 2018 I will get it I will definitely Buy it 100% yes and I love my iPad pro from 2018 it’s amazing 😅😉😉😀😀😆😆😁😁😎

  15. Thank you Brian love your work.
    Apple in Australia too expensive but I still buy them (I am a apple fan boy)
    Cheers from John in Australia

  16. I use the iPad Pro for 90 percent of my work and it’ll be a game changer for me if they start having apps like sketch, illustrator and indesign for the iPad! I might never need a Mac then :’3

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