What I Eat in a Day to GLOW ✨(Vegan)

Here’s everything I eat (and do) in a day as a vegan to glow, from the inside out 🙂 Get your FREE Sample of Amazing Grass GLOW Protein here: You can also use code FROMMYBOWL40 for a 40% discount site-wide!

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33 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day to GLOW ✨(Vegan)

  1. Sometimes it's ok to have a drink or food with a few ingredients. I think videos like this are helpful but overwhelming for someone new to changing their lifestyle eating wise. Simplicity is also very healthy.

  2. I am currently not vegan but I love watching your videos and integrating healthier choices! You’re a gem! So happy I found your channel!

  3. food 👏🏻 channels 👏🏻 also 👏🏻 work 👏🏻 without 👏🏻 eating 👏🏻 or 👏🏻 drinking 👏🏻 noises 👏🏻 otherwise loved the vid (it's just so aggravating)

  4. What’s the ratio for Dylan’s morning tonic? How much Apple cider vinegar, lemon, cayenne and cinnamon? What’s it do for ya?

  5. I agree that people seem to glow when they’re content. I think part of the reason “glow ups” are associated with physical change is because people become more confident when they’re able to express themselves and when they find their own style. It’s hard to be content with yourself if you’re not wearing things that make you feel comfortable with yourself.

  6. Was just looking on vital proteins website bc I keep seeing collagen everyyywheree and was disappointed (and disgusted) that there was no vegan option

  7. My favorite character from The Office is Dwight. I have two shirts related to Dwight and I might be getting a tattoo before this summer related to Dwight. I also have a Micheal Scarn shirt from Threat Level Midnight Film. And I have a Micheal Scott phone case. It’s funny because in The Office Angela is a vegetarian. But in real life she is not a vegetarian. And in The Office Dwight ate meat products. But now he has converted over to being a Vegan but thought about trying vegan out for a while then slowly going to incorporating eggs and fish into a more vegetarian lifestyle but I guess he decided to stay vegan. Im a vegetarian. But I would like to eventually switch to vegan.

  8. I generally skip when people ramble but HECK I actually really enjoyed the chill talk about what glowing means to you! Haha

  9. glowing to me is like radiant! like when i think of something glowing, i imagine a light surrounding it and that how humans are when they glow! when somebody glows, they stand out. for me, it is a physical appearance but not aesthetic… when somebody is positive on the inside, it radiates on the outside and you can physically SEE their glow!

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