What is Alibaba? | CNBC Explains

Alibaba has become one of the world’s largest retailers, but CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explains how the company is quickly becoming known for far more than just eCommerce.

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20 thoughts on “What is Alibaba? | CNBC Explains

  1. WTF there are officially 195 countries and 196 if we consider Taiwan as one…. There's something wrong here(either with Ali Baba or with CNBC)😂

  2. Better be careful when you buy from Alibaba. You might be getting more than cheap Chinese goods. You might get the Corona Virus in the mail. Be careful folks!!!

  3. The blender broke down after a month. Laura from California threw it out and went to Walmart to buy a new one. Or ordered it on Amazon 😂

  4. We and many people knew that this site of the largest companies fraudulent use of people's money to trade in and then returned after a while and this happened with me and many people and the proportion of fraud comes from Chinese companies

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