What The Hell is Y-3? | WTH

Reggie tackles the Yohji & Adidas mash-up in Y-3 in the return of WTH.

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24 thoughts on “What The Hell is Y-3? | WTH

  1. My dad owns a pair of Y3 shoes, they’re quite a rare sight to see, I only seen a small amount of people wearing Y3’s shoes, everyone just want to gobble up yeezies

  2. what's going on with the Y-3 website saying when it reopens in February it will be limited to Japan!? I'm freaking out!

  3. Nike is only concerned with boring ass Jordans and don't have a clue or the vision to get into high end sports wear with interesting design elements. This is why I have never worn Nike.

  4. So for being as influential and popular as Y-3 is, it only gets 4 minutes? Damn, I'd have at least gone 12 if I were you.

  5. 靴が出てくるのかと思って見てたら何言ってるかわからないのに不思議と分かった気がした部分は日本語だったか。

  6. Y-3 is basic compared to better looking, cheaper, and exclusive brands that are Japanese with the same techwear aesthetic.

  7. They fail with avaiablity. I've seen some Y-3 stuff that is only avaiable on the english website, not on the german one. Nearly no shop here orders from them. The Alexander Wang x Adidas Poncho I was looking for – 90$ for US customers, for euro customers it was 180€ for no reason, simply because they set it so. Plus shipping costs and fees. This is how you NOT make business. They do great stuff (not everything, but a lot), but they are pretty worse at marketing and bringing that stuff really to the streets.

  8. 1:24

    Nike is a brand for fuckboys and douchebags, I can empathize with them not wanting to confuse there neanderthal consumer base with high-fashion.

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