Which AdWords campaign type is right for me?

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand:

Learn about the main types of AdWords campaigns and discover which campaign type is most suitable to help you reach your business goals. Learn more about all AdWords campaign types at:


15 thoughts on “Which AdWords campaign type is right for me?

  1. Please turn the music down and use a less repetitive sound track. It distracts from the voice over and makes it hard to focus on the message.

  2. Anyone else notice that the subtitles for the handyman example describe him as a locksmith? Google, you need to edit that.

  3. Ey google company. türkiyede ticaret yapıyosun ama görsellerinde türkçe seçeneği yok. bi zahmet bizle türkçe konuş, anlamıyoruz!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful guidelines. I have a query. Its written in the guide that

    " If you want people searching for your products or services to see and click your ads, then a campaign that places your ads on the Google Search Network might be the best option for you. Your text ad can show on Google (and on non-Google search partner
    sites)". My query is In Google search network we see the ads on Google result page so what is this "non-Google search partner sites" and how it works?


  5. If I choose the search network and display option are the display ads still only targeted to the people in my targeted area? Should a business who is only targeting local people use the display network at all? The business is well drilling. Thanks for any info!

  6. google charged me this saturday $22 for no reason, my campaign wasn't even running!! and now when i create campaign it says "freigeschaltet" but it's not serving (i have enough money on my account!!!)

  7. I think I got charged like $100 just for click within 2 weeks. This is something that is very expensive in my opinion.

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