Who is most at risk for coronavirus?

Dr. Jen Ashton details why those with preexisting conditions should especially remain vigilant.



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44 thoughts on “Who is most at risk for coronavirus?

  1. I'm confused. If young ppl are spreading it then they have to get it first, right? Still we're being told the young, healthy ppl are at a low risk.

  2. Please stop calling it Coronavirus. It's the WuFlu. Like Lime disease or the German measles, it’s named from the location it was detected first. Adjusting the name not to offend people is offensive to me and many others and we wonder why you are so concerned with it. What are you trying to hide?

  3. I have a baby brother. Going to school and going back home gives me so much anxiety. I do not want my baby brother to get corona virus because I know that’ll kill him

  4. ………………………https://youtu.be/2Kd8LX0oC8M
    If yer over 50 the results start getting tougher till at 80 its a dire situation,
    as to mortality rates on age groups……5% to 10% is a number being held up round the world;
    fer those from 50 to 80's, infirmed/respiratory-heart conditions/diabetes weak immune system

  5. I wonder if they are lying about certain aspects of this virus? These are highly paid mouthpieces for the wealthiest people in this world. They are paid read a script written by oligarchs that make no secret about the fact they view overpopulation as their biggest threat. I wonder if THEY are not OUR biggest threat?

  6. from CDC data

    number of US people who have:

    1. Diabeties (2020 data) – 34.2 million

    2. Coronary Artery Disease – 18.2 million (20 yrs old and older)

    3. (2018) Chronic Bronchitis – 9 million + Emphysema – 3.8 million

    2017 Number of emergency department visits with emphysema and other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as the primary diagnosis: – 923,000

    4. About half of adults (45%) with uncontrolled hypertension have a blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg or higher. This includes 37 million U.S. adults.

    Half of adults (30 million) with blood pressure ≥140/90 mm Hg who should be taking medication to control their blood pressure aren’t prescribed or aren’t taking medication.

    so I really don't think current containment and test criteria make sense if you take these figures into consideration

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  8. I think i have trumpitus? Everytime i hear trumps name or speaking it sounds like bad squealing disc brakes on microphone w/10,000 watt amp & speakers..aaarrrggh.

  9. The people who are most at risk of corona virus, are the elderly, young people, people with any disease that weakens the immune system, and people who stock up on toilet paper since they are exposing themselves to potential people who could be infected with the virus.

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