Why postponing Euro 2020 was UEFA's only option to finishing domestic seasons | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti says domestic leagues would have “no shot” at completing their seasons without UEFA’s decision to move Euro 2020 to 2021. Marcotti adds that “a lot of money is on the line” when it comes to concluding the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League knockout rounds and moving the Euros was the best way to “minimize the financial hit” for all parties involved.

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26 thoughts on “Why postponing Euro 2020 was UEFA's only option to finishing domestic seasons | ESPN FC

  1. Why does gabe marcotti come across as a snob? In fact the whole cast of espn fc seems to be a collection of immature douchebags who act like they’re in high school

  2. Why not use this delay to get domestic leagues and continental cup tourneys in sync with the next world cup, which will be played during the winter?

  3. These are all scenarios and plans… Realistically Europe is fucked!! Key countries Italy, Spain, France, UK and Germany won't have any activities of any kind in the near future… They can plan all they want with domestic seasons but it simply just won't be completed…

    Italy is right now 10x worse than China (they're at 32k+ cases with no signs of slowing down and country have only been in lock down for 1 week) … China needed 7 weeks of complete isolation for it to be somewhat safe now (10-30 cases a day)… but nowhere near back to normal. Spain is on the same path with no signs of slowing.

  4. Only 1 province of China has school open out of 26 provinces, China still have 14 days mandatory quarantine to travel between two provinces….
    South Korea have cancelled all sports till September, No concerts till October and no mass gathering till August.
    Until there is a vaccine, life is not returning to normal.
    China and South Korea is worried about having another outbreak in a different cities if isolation relaxed
    Zero chance in June games will be played in Europe

  5. I hate glory hunters and plastic fans. An example, when some one says "I support Real Madrid,Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus", but they have no relation to that area. Its thanks to the plastic fans that the atmosphere is boring in the stadiums.

  6. I'm confused so Euro 2020 is postponed to 2021 so do we start calling it Euro 2021 or continue with Euro 2020 since it was due to play this summer but now got moved to summer 2021

  7. We gotta look at the positives, my beatiful country, Portugal has renowed it's european title for another year, look out for the french

    Remember Eder 🙂

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