Why The NARCISSIST Ends Up Agonizing over You (Psychology of Covert Narcissism) ASMR


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Why The NARCISSIST Ends Up Agonizing over You (Psychology of Covert Narcissism) ASMR


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43 thoughts on “Why The NARCISSIST Ends Up Agonizing over You (Psychology of Covert Narcissism) ASMR

  1. Narcs are EVIL, WEAK – LUCIFERS daughters and SATANS sons.. They are NOT human but JEZEBEL in a human body and they destroying and also indirectly kills people. That video remind me about the last narc – son of SATAN who was in my life from 8 February 2008 to 3 Sept 2014,a MAD COPYCAT, a SADIST who had TRIANGULATE and took my dear friends ID :he likes the same music and that narcs let the hair grow enough to get a small ponytai. He copyed my friend.., and my dear friend is like me :a codepended people pleaser and also been narc ABUSED in his childhood and in his young age.
    Our LIFES has been STOLEN from us both, but now we has starting to work with our HEALING..

  2. Well I find your videos quite fascinating it's like you peer into my mind of what I've been going through for 18 years dealing with ABPD/narcissistic Us to be personality who just all the sudden after 18 years discards me and one day bam I'm out living in a motel hes and and she says that she had these feelings that she just didn't understand but she been grooming getting ready to bought me out of the scene and now all my children don't even talk to me because she's got that parent alienation but you're right she sends me stupid little messages back-and-forth to keep some kind of contact going on like the phone bell lower now you gonna pay these bills are we need talk about the kids all the time and that she had baits me with the kids And he is now living in my house I've been well being at a motel for 2 months which is very expensive then she still want me to pay for all the things that the house can you believe that thank you sir for these videos you save my life Being trapped in this motel I've done nothing but study learn about all of this and I have got great knowledge now and realize like I've always thought that I needed to get out but never did because the kids

  3. My ex can’t contact me. I was granted a no contact protection order 4 days ago after my ex lost at the hearing he requested to fight it. He was very angry and told the judge I deserved one too if he’s getting one placed on him. He called me names and made accusations that the judge said was hearsay and to strike from the record. On the way out of the courthouse I gave him plenty of time to leave ahead of me. He stood at his vehicle without getting in staring at me as I walked to my car. I left way before he did but he caught up to me at the signal and pulled up along side my car, probably to prove he could, but that’s just speculation. He’s very angry and I’m sure sulking because that’s what he usually did after he “lost” to me in some capacity.

  4. Your so right dave mines told me every guy in his family was cheating except him and he was the main one he dogged his family name and pretended he like them when they were around omg you know these devils better then they know themselves go Dave ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Agonize all u want! I’m out!

    Boundaries will expose the Narcissist. They will bounce faster than you can say narc.

    I was raised by a Narc. I gave my narc wife hell too!

  6. Dave why had the narc broken my new furniture? Scrached it? I dont understand. I have been giving so many gifts and stuff – but still he broke my stuff! I have never broken anything of others in my life!!!! So i was very choked and confused.

  7. They are Demons that believe you are part of theirs, like a miniture toy part of their game, that they control your every move, and with their abuse they blind you into believing what they want you believe and even believing what they want you to believe you are not yourself. You let their mask slip and dont let them know.

  8. man, this looks like one of those speech of priests just waiting to burn witches, one of those completely mirror blinded moments that would make someone rather die to be seen as the good side than recognize oneness, as paradoxical as it seems, it is a pretty narcissistic way of seeing the world. i mean being abused is horrible, we got all the right to feel how we feel and such pain can get anyone blinded but constantly feeding a state of fight or flight where nothing but war is possible just keeps it running in circles. i hope you'll be able to focus on something that really makes you happy so that narcissistic condition loses its grip in your life and stops looking like the worst of evil to your eyes. we're all human we're all flawed somehow, but still, most is made before the eyes, the more you search for proof of evil the more you make it real on your eyes, scapegoating the narcissistic condition won't go any further than any other big social scapegoating of the past went. we socially can't keep doing the same scapegoating thing over and over again believing to obtain different results. growing as a society, as human beings, means understanding better, not finding new groups to scapegoat. may life give you the strength of seeing thru people conditions. ✌️

  9. The part where you say doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity resonates with me. I actually messaged a woman telling her this and it flew over her head.

  10. I let the narcissist (ex) back into my life. He called me saying he wanted to make peace. Two weeks into talking and spending time together, he gets a late phone call from one of his baby mommas. She called saying she was at the ER. She has a history of being a alcoholic and putting their son in great danger by drinking and driving, while having their son in the car. My ex got custody of their kid after the car accident.
    Anyhow, she called him and telling him she's at the ER. I asked why is she calling so late? You guys are friends now?
    He got mad at me, telling me it's none of my business, who he talks to at any time. He said he felt sorry for her and said I'm the one acting like the victim. We both had trust issues and I told him I was hurt that he was attacking me verbally, when I asked why she was calling so late.
    We got into a fight, he threatened to throw my bag outside the house so I could leave his house. It was the middle of the night and cared less what would happen to me leaving his house so late. He said he doesnt feel sorry for me and that I act like the victim and start fights all the time. I didnt like who I was with him. I felt like a bad person and thought, truly there was something wrong with me.

  11. I am definitely people fixer since childhood, and I don't know how to stop being this way to not attract more narcissists in the future.

  12. I know it may be wrong. I know what she is and what she does. I give her what she wants and she gives me what I want. We've been together for almost 3 years. I definitely don't look my age I am 53 years old and she is 20 years old. I do love her and want the best but I'm sure you see where I'm coming from. It's hard to give up this unique situation. When times are good, they are awesome but I guess no pain, no gain. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

  13. Thank you kind sir for looking into one's childhood as the cause to be co-dependent. I became a people-pleaser/ co-dependent ever since my dad committed suicide in my childhood out of fear of more loss. I don't think I'll ever get my narcissistic mother out of my life because I don't know what I would do without her and she's gonna co-sign for my rent. She's also working at a law firm so there's no telling what additional power she has and can have lawfully over me. I have no job, no school, and am on SSDI. My greatest strength has been prayer. This is my testimony.

  14. They never agonize over anyone. They are self-centered narcissists, who destroy everyone in their proximity. They are as dangerous as pedophiles for the psychological damage they cause to their children. I just hope our legal system evolves to recognize it and put them in a nice display box for the world to watch them rot

  15. I'm actually at a stage where I have no problem not responding to their social media or text messages. Witnessing their self destruction is a spectacle, but I'm sure after this it'll be annoying to witness it a second time. More importantly, I am hoping it won't become the next step of visiting with out warning and invitation. 😕

  16. Dave, do they agonize over ALL of their former supplies? How’s that possible? They go through ppl like napkins. God, the BS swirling in their minds is torture! What effin losers!!!!

  17. They are grown up 3 year olds. Of you respond to "Hoover" the narc will treat you the same as he/she did before or even worse! Each time and oh believe me, they'll enjoy every moment of you allowing them to destroy you.

  18. I dealt with a narcissist on/off for nearly 3 years. On/off because he kept discarding me only to return. Once I recognized the pattern, I began to avoid him at all costs. One day I came home & there he was SITTING OUTSIDE MY HOUSE in his car calling my name! He said he came because I wasn’t responding to his emails. Omg letting him in was the worst thing I could have done 🤦🏾‍♀️ At 1st I was sure I wasn’t going to take him back ever! He begged & apologized, told me he wanted to be together without me bringing it up, then promptly gifted me a car. He tricked me good smh…& that lasted all of 2 months. One night he slept on the couch and he was fake sleep cuz the light from his phone was on under the covers. The next morning I looked at his phone and he was on a dating app and had notifications from the app. When I confronted him he immediately broke up with me and said I was crazy, he said he wasn’t on there it was just somebody else’s google account logged in on the phone 🤥 He couldn’t get out fast enough! He made a big scene about the car in front of my neighbors and took it back as well after calling the police on me at my own house smh it was just crazy af. I was hurt but at the same time I was glad I caught him red-handed. It’s been a year & 3 months since that incident and he attempted to contact me via Facebook yesterday. I didn’t respond and if he comes to my house again I’m getting a restraining order 💯

  19. The final discard is the worst because of the way it happens and how cruel they can be. You finally realize that your suspicions were true and that they duped you. You loved this person so it's a double whammy. They didn't just leave you, they tricked you and discarded you. It leaves you feeling like a worthless piece of garbage.

  20. Also a narcissist is a person who doesn’t empathize because they are hurt so they don’t care whether you are also in pain. They want you to feel the pain they feel 😈

  21. It was amazing how fast he changed once I finally actually followed through with setting my boundaries for myself, to potentially move forward in our relationship so I could also be validated- first time in over a nearly 3 + year relationship!
    Though I know now he was never going to meet me half way, because the relationship was always about him & his issues & problems & creating them.

    It had become the expectation the norm, that I was always the one who had to help him solve his issues & problems EVEN if I’d given him sound advice about how to avoid such things. I was constantly dragged through his drama of poor life choices, as if it was my fault it was happening to him.
    For him he knew that I paid the bills, kept a roof over our heads & food in our bellies, when things went wrong for him, like they did so very often.

    It did floor me & was amazing how quickly he found his new supply, in a matter of weeks.
    I always knew he bad mouthed me to friends & family- there’s no way they know what he’s actually like! I know his new supply is someone he’s only known for a month a work mate. Knowing the way I know him he’ll be in trouble again within a matter of weeks, he doesn’t know how to help himself.
    But sadly his elderly family enables him still always rescuing him when he has gotten into trouble, unfortunately they don’t know any better but to believe his oh poor me stories. They have never applied the tough love principal so I believe that’s why he continues to get away with a lot what he does, because know one has ever called him out for it.

    I seriously didn’t want to believe he was a narc, I’d tried to convince myself he wasn’t. Unfortunately his behaviour kept giving me that sick feeling, it was persistent in the final few months. My intuition & gut wasn’t letting it go this time, his rotten energy was literally manifesting in me as physical sickness, depression and alcohol abuse in the final 18 months of our relationship.

    I can clearly see now I was completely gas lighted he knew exactly what he was doing from day 1, or as soon as he knew he had a good supply option.
    I stupidly fell for the love bomb stage even though there where SO many red flags 🚩
    I wanted to believe the ‘stories’ he told me they sounded so sincere, he was always the victim though never the perpetrator, lacked very little insight into himself & his actions.
    I bought into them one too many times, & he brought so much angst & stress to my heart 💔 wellbeing & home.

    In the end he ended up leaving me in the cruelest way possible. The lack of empathy was mind boggling!

    Strangely I’m relieved that he has gone, as much as it hurts, still licking my wounds of how could something like this happen with someone you loved & thought you were going to be with forever.
    I did love this man & still wanted to believe there was something anything I could have done to reach him, but it was slowly killing me.
    I know I was his doormat, I made it to easy for him to do what he did.
    So in retrospect, I have to take blame for my part in allowing it to go on for as long as it did.
    Now working on myself no more validation from others I can validate myself 🙏🏼

    I always got reeled back in with the crafty hoover lies.
    …I was weak & would answer hoovers before I knew what it all was.
    Happy to say
    I am 7 + years Narc free!
    ( just had to go no contact with family who I thought truly loved me).
    After 30+ years of one ugly souless being after the next.
    I suffered through 5 Abusive Narc relationships in a row.
    I mourn for my childen.
    I have 3 children with 2
    now deceased Narcs.
    My Narc Alcoholic Grandparents raised My Narc Alcoholic Aunt who was the Golden child and my Alcoholic Mother who, was unfortunately the Scapegoat. This dreadful upbring repeated with my sisters and I. Now my older, Golden Child Sister, who went through Narc Hell, when my love Bombing Grandparents died & is now abusing her 3rd husband and me ( the family trash can).
    As long as I was sad & in abusive relationships I was the best narc supply to my Aunt & my sister.
    My sister recently drove an hour to my home on my 50th birthday to inform me she cannot be a part of my celebration because they will serving alcohol at the resturaunt my family chose.
    We are both 13 years sober.(at least I am) Now she is triangulating to give me the heads up her 3rd husband is being verbally abusive to her and now her BEST FRIEND SAW IT TOO!.. Preparing me for the smear campaign when she runs off with her new supply…
    She rearranged Holiday plans to the opposite of what we all enjoyed in the past.
    I destroyed her plan to humiliate me publicly by not going to her "LITTLE CHRISTMAS" in HER 9 FOOT BY 12 FOOT HOME. She stole a cherished item from my mothers home when my mother was dying… The one item I asked for. A musical figurine that wound up & played "You & Me Against The World." I only wanted this one item bevause I bought it as a gift for my Mother when I was a child and during a black out drinking episode my Mother smashed it. To make amends to me as , when I was a young adult my Mother repurchased the figurine at a yard sale and gifted it to me… I handed it right back and told her it was always her I got it for her.
    My Mother redeemed herself with me when she bought a house across the street to support me during my second troubled marriage. When my Mother passed my Narc sister stole the figurine out of pure spite and jealousy and kept it, claimed it was lost and could not be found …only She had a plan for 'LITTLE CHRISTMAS' this year 2019 to try and look like some Masonic Order out of Chaos Savior & have me open it on 'LITTLE CHRISTMAS' . ..I GUESS I WAS SUPPOSED TO CRY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE OPENING MY STOLEN GIFT.
    I had to block her, My Aunt & her flying monkeys.
    ….She's even resorted to writing to me and used snail mail… not to lose her supply.
    I won't even read it.
    My biological Father went no contact with my Family when I was only 5yrs old & I never saw him again.
    No contact is in my blood.

  23. I did it I left him please everyone read the letter I wrote to myself. I just been threatened my family has been threatened. This is more real than anything

  24. I answered my Hoover and it went well until he hung out with another girl and threw it in my face just to hurt me, and so I broke up with him and he showed up at my house, and I told him to leave, he got physically aggressive and assaulted me, he broke a bunch of my things and I ended up getting a bunch of glass in my skin, this had happened in November and every day for over 8 weeks I've been pulling glass shards out of my skin, I probably will have scars for life, he had no remorse for hurting me this bad and wouldn't admit it nor apologize, I've been hurt by this person more then I've been hurt in my life!

  25. Can someone who has never "love-bombed" you or has told you they had no romantic feelings for you, yet still want to be lovers be a true narcissist (as they relish the supply and always "have a back-up" and blame everything on you or another person)?

  26. Thank you so much for valuable advice and information. I been in relationships with an narccicist. I divorce him.We have a daughter tougather. I was soo confuse all this 13 years of marriage. I was in a toxic relationship there was involve cheating, lies,manipulations,restraints, abuse specially mentally and emotionally abusive. I was strong to put stop of all of this by divorcing him,by stay away from him,by stay no contact.I feel much better and I regain back my straight,my abilities, my power and my purpose in my life.Yes ,I have a purpose in this world I have to be strong,I have to be there no matter what for my daughter to be a good influence for her,to fight for our happiness.Thank you for your wanderful and valuable advice and knowledge that you give us .I very appreciate that,Its a good weak up call to recognize the bad behavior and egicicistic behavior of an narccicist and stay away from.

  27. Didn’t happen with me i would not sit in that chair do what i told speak when i spoken to and i left and i still have my empathy my regard for others and live and let live he didn’t want cheat on me he got hobbies in the house but yes i agreed that got boring for him he was not on his phone he never had anything to do with family no friends he was people pleaser in the beginning but mask came off full of shit he will not hoover me he wil only waste his time i know who he is knowledge is power he can do one i done its over thank you

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