Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Show (HD)

Inspired by a fusion of Yohji Yamamoto’s favourite science-fiction and horror films, including Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner and Under the Skin, the SS17 Y-3 collection is a radical reflection of an imagined future world, frequently portraying space, time travel and life on other planets.

A minimalist, non-conformist environment provided the futuristic backdrop to Yohji Yamamoto and adidas’ provocative vision of the future of sports fashion, motivated by the unsettling themes of iconic dystopian fiction.

Y-3’s new futuristic collection is divided into four key themes – Future Perfect’, ‘Dimension 3’, ‘Renegade,’ and ‘Surrealism’ – reimagined today in Paris in a high-impact show of compelling revelations attended by guests including Winnie Harlow, Neelam Gill, A$AP Bari, Cali Dewitt, Luka Sabbat, Nabile Quenum and Younes Bendjima.


39 thoughts on “Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Show (HD)

  1. I was left unimpressed. Too many pieces that could be easily made at home and in better colors. Some of the shoes were interesting but ..sigh… I also think it was a very boring approach to something that could have been interesting. Life on other planets leaves room for imagination. But it was very earthly , which I know people will say " Make it attractive to buy" but this was safe. very safe….

  2. Pros- Futuristic, different, imaginative, quality, wanted.
    Cons- scary, cult-look, colonized, slightly gimmicky on accessories.

  3. No matter how much these clothes don't make sense to wear or are over the top it's objectively cool that they exist. Forces us to think about the future we imagine and the one we want and why it is/isn't like Yohji's vision

  4. When I first saw the Y-3 clothes l have a hunch they have the biggest if not one of the biggest in sporty themed clothing. I think most people have the same idea seeing one of these shows 🙂

  5. Check that conceptual approach of lack of inspiration showed as fake minimal style. The hypocrisy is real, and I can't resist applauding such a level of boredom.

  6. didnt know blade runner and stuff got those ugly boring outfits. OK! and funny to read some comments jerking off how amazing this black lazy crap is. hell naw. get some glasses or some eyes

  7. i like the clothes a lot, but i feel like its limited to only a few people and certain climates. love the futuristic look though, i feel like it can be expanded into other designs as well, more summer friendly

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