YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THESE! – Adidas Predator 18.3 (Skystalker Pack) – Review + On Feet

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22 thoughts on “YOU SHOULD NOT BUY THESE! – Adidas Predator 18.3 (Skystalker Pack) – Review + On Feet

  1. Please keep in mind that when I review any cleats, but especially takedown models, I factor in how they compare to other cleats that are similar in price and similar in terms of the fit and feel that they have on offer. I also never criticize any element of a cleat without a reason as to why I like or dislike it. Not every cleat is a great buy, and while these aren't terrible, I do think that they're not the best option at the $80 price point, for reasons that I explain in the video. Also, at no point in this video do I say that you should spend $200-300 on a top end model because they're better. Not every cleat can be the best, that's the reason why reviews exist. Thanks for watching, and look out for my review of the Predator 18.2, and the new Copa 18.1 very soon!

  2. I have wide feet hence its too tight and i dont really find these type of material good for juggling, leather are better.

  3. The legs have some of the biggest muscle mass on the whole body..1 oz or 2 oz, your legs will never notice a difference…Lightness is a marketing gimmick and you subconsciously buy into it. The heavy boots today weigh as much as top end boots from 2005-2010…Weight has little to no bearing…because your legs won't notice a 1 oz difference…at all.

  4. I bought these a while ago. At first they gave me blisters on my achillies tendon area, but after use they became better. Pretty good boots!

  5. I used to have a pair of these and I actually like the mesh based synthetic more that the predator 18.1. The collar isnt a bit factor for me and the soul plate is basically the same. I really enjoyed playing in these takedowns. Personally would recommend

  6. This is facts. Buying the 18.3 was the worst choice I ever made. Pain everywhere in the foot, easily fell apart, didn’t fit well at all. Unfortunately, the premium prices are incredibly expensive.

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